Feldspar Brook is a significant part of the Hudson River that feeds the beautiful and vibrant city of New York. Like the irreplaceable, energetic vibe that consumes this great town, NYC wouldn't be as lush and prosperous as it is today without its tremendous water source. As a new company conceived in the heart of Manhattan, our sole mission is to exude vitality, strength, style and purpose for the great people that keep this wondrous city alive. Incorporating the significance of the natural land surrounding one of the buzziest and most populated cities is an important union to us; one we hope to nurture.



Feldspar Brook is an unwavering cut & sew knitwear brand built around the reinvention of an American classic, and a lifestyle that depends solely on those things that matter most. To get back to the source of where we commenced, and reintroduce the simplest things once again, to realize a rather exceptional life for ourselves.



We combine traditional tailoring with an innovative manufacturing system to produce luxury wardrobe staples in immeasurable, sublime color palettes and time-honored styles. Our debut flagship store opened on lovely Thompson Street in NYC's SoHo neighborhood in the spring of 2015, introducing our products along with the occasional, thoughtful exhibit of other local, likeminded brands.